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Contracts. Simple. Intelligent? 

That doesn’t sound right! Or does it? Because for most, creating contracts is still very tedious, complicated and time-consuming. This makes contract drafting an enormous cost factor – which is mainly due to the fact that legal work processes are lagging behind in the digitalization. The emergence of legal tech applications is now set to change that. Contract creation and management is being greatly modernized and automated by products like Clever Contracts. Read here what a management and contract software can do and how you can benefit from it! With our new legal tech software Clever Contracts, you can now create contracts with just a few clicks. Contract creation is now easier than ever. This saves time and nerves and delivers optimized organization and collaboration for everyone. But how does it actually work?

Contract creation made easy

You can select the appropriate template from a contract database containing all sorts of ready-made contracts and forms for legal transactions. No matter if it is a notice of termination, a GTC for your own company or a lease agreement. Or you can compose the contract yourself according to your personal ideas, by easily removing or adding individual sections or edit them according to your requirements. A contract is now created within a few minutes. All that is required is to enter some facts, such as the names and addresses of the contracting parties in

the fields provided and to answer a few questions. A few more clicks in drop-down menus will add the rest of the details. You will be guided step by step through the process of creating a contract. The completed contracts can now be easily exported as a Doc, PDF or Open Office document. In addition, smart contracts can be created from your existing data in Microsoft Word or Open Office. The creation process will also be easily automated and scaled in the near future thanks to artificial intelligence.

Optimized collaboration for all

Clever Contracts also enables smooth teamwork. You know how it is: the more parties involved in the process of creating a contract, the more tedious and cumbersome it becomes. Countless emails are sent back and forth to correct every little detail and in the end, still nobody knows what was meant. With Clever Contracts, you can work directly with the client and all parties involved have access to the same document at the same time. Additionally, the ‘Signature feature’ allows you to have contracts digitally signed and sent directly by all parties

Clever Contracts makes the day-to-day work easier. Pre-made contracts can be created by entering your personal data and finalized by a few more clicks. Additionally, one can work with the whole team together and simultaneously in the same document. This is the future of everyday legal work.

Simply test Clever Contracts without obligation!

The Clever Contracts package is available for 34,99€ per license & per month and can be cancelled monthly at any time. Try our free version now!