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Working with innovative lawyers, we have developed a product that is an ideal fit for many industries. Learn more and become part of the future by investing in software that realizes its full potential through smart innovation.

A phantom is haunting the legal sector – the phantom of digitization.

Specifically, the lawyers fear the increasingly emerging legal tech startups. They are afraid of losing their jobs sooner or later if the algorithms developed by the entrepreneurs take over their work.

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And what are these disruptive companies using to take over the industry? Justice and cutting edge software!

The importance of legal tech is growing rapidly – but only 28 percent of lawyers are prepared for it (Future Ready Lawyer Study 2020). That’s because the use of technology is becoming key to how well law firms will be able to meet client expectations and legal departments to increase their productivity and efficiency (Future Ready Lawyer Study 2020). ◯˙ weltfern is a young company that is implementing this new approach – cutting-edge expertise meets legal background knowledge.

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Clever and innovative!

Invest in Clever Contracts?

The legal world and the administrative sector are still largely untapped territories in the digital realm. One reason for this is that in the vast majority of cases, lawyers have no idea about technology – and tech companies, in turn, have no legal background knowledge. But how lucrative is actually the market- the focus here is of course on contract generation. The target groups are law firms, companies with their legal departments, administration, tax consultants, recruiters, real estate and property management companies and even more.

Clever investing!

An average contract strikes thereby with a budget of 500 – 2000 euro to beech. The contract production amounts to depending upon Law firm 20 – 60% (depending upon focus) of the turnover volume.

Bei a supra-local partnership this makes between 66,800 and 200,400 euro. If one assumes that only 10% of all law firms use Clever Contracts, which would be 16,590 law firms in Germany, a fee turnover of 1,659,000 Euro could be made with a monthly basic price of 100,- Euro, which largely automates the production volume of 66,800 and 200,400 Euro for law firms.

And, as said, only law firms and the German market are considered (the contract software is internationally transmittable and scalable without problems).

We just place the focus here
on law firms:

165.901 §

Law firms

exist solely
in Germany
Source →


Turnover makes
a single law firm 
Source →

334.000 €

A sub regional law firm
achieves an average of
Source →

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